dr. girlfriend (ruth_the_sleuth) wrote,
dr. girlfriend

Mix, mix, stir, stir, I married young, it's all a blur...

It's summer, and I think we all know what that means.

It's time to make...potato salad!

I've been watching the Kids in the Hall since I was about ten or eleven, when it was in constant reruns on Comedy Central--I think that and the fact that I used to get up at six o'clock on Saturdays to watch MST3k shaped a little bit too much of my personality--and after years of observation I have concluded that Scott did the women you most wanted to be your mom, Dave did the bitchiest ones, Kevin did the most spastic ones, Mark did the most pathetic ones, and Bruce did the sweetest, nuttiest, dumbest ones.  Mix, mix, stir, stir.

It's time to make potato salad!

Tags: i married young, it's all a blur

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